The following is an outline of our Dental Assisting Course. As you can see, we have a LOT to accomplish in 10 weeks, so each week is fast paced and action packed.

  1. DA1001 General Introduction to clinical dentistry. Study dental terminology/equipment, instrument transfer, proper suctioning (HVE, isolation technique), and patient orientation.
  2. DA1002 Dental Materials: amalgam & composite materials, cements, liners, curing, mixing, sealants.
  3. DA1003 Radiology in dentistry, x-ray imaging, techniques, safety. Impressions material and technique.
  4. DA1004 X-ray Quiz, Taking all necessary dental X-rays, upper/lower arch impressions. Intraoral imaging.
  5. DA1005 MID-TERM EXAM, Impression Quiz, oral surgery set-up, breakdown and suctioning. Sterilization tools, reason and technique. Equipment maintenance (handpiece, suction, sterilizer).
  6. DA1006 Crown and bridge temporary technique to fabricate and removal. Bite registration and material. CPR certification.
  7. DA1007 OSHA requirement for dental office. Review other office duties (front desk, appointment, billing, charting, and dental insurance). Final exam review.
  8. DA1008 Orthodontic, endodontic, pediatric skills, periodontics. Hands on operatory procedures. Job interview skills.
  9. DA 1009 FINAL EXAM and practical exam. The final is written exam, x-ray practice, and clinical practical. Graduation and awarding and certificates.
  10. DA1010 Clinical assisting day with dentist and patients.

Title Course Name Lecture Hours Lab Hours Clinic Hours Total Hours
DA 1001 Intro to Dental Assisting and Dental Terminology – Tooth Terminology 4 4 8
DA 1002 Dental Materials 4 4 8
DA 1003 Radiology/Impression Theory 4 4 8
DA 1004 Impression/Radiology Clinic – Intraoral Pictures and X-ray Quiz 2 4 2 8
DA 1005 Midterm Exam and Oral Surgery and Sterilization 4 4 8
DA 1006 Temporary Crown and bridge/CPR certification 4 4 8
DA 1007 OSHA and Dental Office Duties 4 4 8
DA 1008 Endodontic – orthodontic – pediatric. Hands on dentistry. Interview prep 4 4 8
DA 1009 Final Exam written – x-ray/clinical practical 8 8
DA 1010 Assist dentist with patients 8 8
38 4 38 80